Aims & Objectives


ADEC aims to promote and support individuals, regardless of age, schools and educational groups, who believe in and act according to the principles of Democratic, Progressive and Alternative Education.

ADEC is committed to:

  • a philosophy which values the participation of all in the learning process, particularly the learner/student.
  • ensuring the existence of structures and processes that enable the full participation of all in making decisions relevant to that learning.
  • supporting debate, research and processes which encourage cooperation.
  • being a secular organisation which provides equal opportunity for all, regardless of race, religion, culture, gender, disability or sexuality.


To provide an organisation which promotes, encourages and supports

  • the values of democratic, progressive and alternative education
  • democratic governance of schools and educational groups
  • innovative ways to implement the above.

To provide a forum for

  • discussion, sharing
  • exploration of current socio-political issues and theoretical perspectives relating to education in general and democratic, alternative and progressive education in particular
  • development of democratic, progressive and alternative philosophy and practice

To form links and networks between

  • individuals
  • schools
  • education groups
  • communities who share similar ideas and practices, perspectives and stories.

To provide a united group for the purposes of

  • lobbying
  • communicating
  • negotiating with State and Federal Departments and other relevant government and non government departments and organisations

To provide opportunities to engage in professional and personal development through conferences, seminars etc.

To share ideas, research and resources and engage in professional exchange through publications, email, group, newsletters, journal

To develop and maintain a website as a means of communicating and disseminating information

To fundraise, accept gifts and bequests on behalf of the association.