Village High School in Ventnor, Australia, is seeking an inspiring Curriculum Leader/Mentor

Village High School is seeking an inspiring Curriculum Leader/Mentor
Village High School (VHS) is a new alternative high school opening in January 2019 on rural acreage in Gippsland, Victoria, Australia. VHS is based on an innovative model of schooling that has been developed at Koonwarra Village School (KVS) and Phillip Island Village School (PIVS) over the last seven years. We aim to create educational pathways that support the development of creative, empowered individuals with the capabilities, motivation, inspiration, and confidence to generate positive and lasting change in the world.

VHS will open with a cohort of up to 20 Year 7 students. The intention is to keep the school numbers at a human-scale, with a maximum of 120 students at full capacity (years 7-12 in 2024). This will to preserve the informal, family-like atmosphere and facilitate the connections between people and depth of relationships that this size allows.

We are looking for an educator who cares passionately about Democratic Education models and Social and Emotional Learning, and who is self-motivated, adaptive, adventurous, resilient and playful.

Alongside these qualities, you will also need:

  • Registration with the Victorian Institute of Teaching (or another State/Territory body in Australia).
  • A Bachelor’s Degree or higher in Secondary and/or Primary Education
  • An ability and keen desire to teach in an alternative or holistic school setting.
  • A deep respect for all students and a clear personal teaching philosophy that matches with the Philosophy and Guiding Principles of Village High School.
  • A passion for life-long learning, a demonstrated growth mindset, and well-developed executive skills.

If you have varied life experiences and thrive in indoor and outdoor teaching settings, we would love to hear from you! Please see the Join the Team page of our website: to apply by 01 October 2018.