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Reports of IDEC@EUDEC2016 can now be found as ADEC Newsletter No 20.


Reports of APDEC2016 can now be found as ADEC Newsletter No21.


Reports of ADEC Conference 2106 can now be founds as ADEC Newsletter No 22.


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A new ADEC logo has been designed and is in provisional use. It will be presented at the ADEC AGM being held on 27th September 2016 at Koonwarra Village School and a decision made as to its use in the future. The logo is attached here for your comments.


ADEC Conference 2016 Information

ADEC Conference 2016 Information

Koonwarra Village School in South Gippsland, Victoria, is proud to host the 2016 ADEC Conference

Dates: Monday 26th (evening) to Wednesday 28th September (mid-afternoon)

Accommodation and travel information

Cost: $180 (up until 30th August), $220 (after 1st September) (this includes all meals and conference activities)

Program so far:

  • Friday night screening of ‘Most Likely to Succeed’, film from the US
  • Invitation for attendees to present on what’s working really well in their schools
  • Presentation on IDEC / APDEC conferences by Cecelia Bradley and other conference attendees.
  • Workshops by KVS staff to demonstrate how we apply aspects of our learning model.
  • School Starters workshop
  • School Administrators get-together
  • More program details will be advised in the coming months.

Please contact us with any questions or program suggestions.


I am very pleased to tell you that Fiona McKenzie, the Co-ordinator, and the community of Koonwarra Village School in Victoria are happy to host the ADEC Conference in 2016. I would like to thank them very much for agreeing to host. They hope to hold the conference during the week of 26th – 30th September 2016 which is the week most common to most of the States and NZ.

As soon as they have the definite dates I will let you know. 

Those of us who were at the 2014 conference at Peregrine School in Tasmania will remember Fiona and Hadassah and I look forward to being able to spend time together with them and their community. Koonwarra Village School began in 2011/12.

The website for the school is

I hope that many of you and members of your school communities will be able to join us for this gathering and we can continue to renew the connections we have made over the years and build new paths for ADEC.

APDEC 2016

Early Bird registration is still open till the end of April for the first APDEC conference being hosted by Miao-Li County Holistic Education school in Taiwan from 18th – 24th July 2016. We hope that many of our friends in ADEC will be able to participate and continue the work to develop the Asia/Pacific Democratic Education Community.

For more information please see the website or follow developments on the Facebook page:


Fitzroy Community School Book Published.

Faye Berryman and Philip O’Caroll, have published the story of  their founding of the Fitzroy Community School in 1976 and their discoveries over the years since then about children, parents, education, schooling and life.
The title of the book is Fitzroy Community School.
It is published by Fitzroy Programs Pty Ltd, Melbourne, 2015.
Faye and Philip have each written their story and though it is about FCS  as Philip wrote, ” the book is mostly about the state of education in Australia today and what it could be in the future.”
Philip is keen to spread the word about the book and hopes that as well as the fascinating story of this specific school, the broader premise of the book will be of interest to many of us involved in the lives of children and working to create education which enables their lives to be rich and fulfilling.