The 21st Annual International Democratic Education Conference was held in Boulder, Colorado from August 4-8, 2013.

For more news about IDEC2013 see Report by Jerry Minzt in AERO NEWSLETTER 11th August 2013 and “What if School Were Out Forever?” a piece in The Huffington Post about IDEC 2013 and other interesting things.

IDEC2014 will be held July 28 – Aug 2, 2014 in Gwangmyeong, South Korea.

IDEC2015 will be held in NEW ZEALAND so we have some opportunities for strengthening the connections in our region.


ADEC Conference 2012 Pine Community School

COMMUNITY & COLLABORATION and what makes a healthy & vibrant community were the central ideas at the recent ADEC conference hosted by Pine Community school in Brisbane from Friday 5th-Sunday 7th Oct 2012.

The Plains, Mountain, Rainforest and Island Peoples gathered together

The Plains, Mountain, Rainforest and Island Peoples gathered together

For so long education has been expressed as the Three Rs, with occasionally a recognition of a C or two but I think Pine Community, as expressed by Maris Element, Principal of Pine Community School, has given us the Three Hs – HANDS, HEART and HEAD!

Our gathering was a wonderful mixture of them all and enabled us to have so much interaction, active learning and fun. True to their promise they once again showed us by example how the children and students, through introducing us to life on PLANET ENIP, can be co-learners with the adults and leaders in the learning process. They led us in a wonderful experience of story and play as the Mountain People, Rainforest People, Island People and Orange People of the Plains.
For more details about the conference look at ADEC Newsletter No17.

Visit the ADEC Conference website to see some photos of the conference and for access to Dr Marcus Bussey’s papers and to share your comments about the conference.

ADEC2012 – Pine Community School


What makes a healthy & vibrant community?

We’ll explore this topic through a range of activities including keynote speakers, group sessions, meals together, and some activities led by the children of conference host Pine Community School.

Keynote Speakers:

  • Dr Marcus Bussey (USC)
  • Dr Jo Brownlee (QUT)
  • Dr Sue Walker (QUT)

Registrations are open, and for more details about the conference visit the website:

Friday (evening) 5th – Sunday 7th October 2012.