Resolutions of IDEC 2006

Resolutions proposed, discussed, workshopped, and passed at IDEC2006.

  1. That the Institute for Democratic Education in Brasil, (IDEB) go ahead and host the next IDEC at a time and date to be decided by them.
  2. That Regional IDECs are already starting to happen on their own and there is nothing to decide about them, and that the international IDECs will continue to happen as long as there are people who want to host them – and that will determine the frequency.
  3. Some places are considering offering to host the next IDEC and since there was no definite proposal in Sydney the decision will be made by a committee of past IDEC hosts.
  4. Resolution in Support of Booroobin.
  5. Resolution in support of Democratic Education Consortium.
  6. Proposal to write a resolution re human rights in education to UN.

What of the ‘What NEXT?’ in our theme?

Stuart Hill articulated the value of ‘the smallest meaningful step you can absolutely guarantee to carry out’ as being the way to begin to enable change. We would love to hear from all those who wish to share the next step which they took after IDEC2006

Resolution in Support of Booroobin

13 July 2006

We, the people attending the International Democratic Education Conference being held this week in Sydney, New South Wales, Australia, have learnt of and are dismayed by the detrimental effects caused by Queensland State Government education legislation on the people connected with The Booroobin Sudbury Democratic Centre of Learning (“Booroobin”), near Maleny in Queensland.

Booroobin Centre of Learning students, elected staff, graduates and parents have attended our conferences for some years and have participated equally and fully in our conferences.

We believe Booroobin’s democratic education principles and practices support its students’ learning to become reflective self-directed, responsible citizens and life long learners. This indeed is reflected in the United Nations Resolution of choices in education.

The International Democratic Education Conference supports the Booroobin community in using the appropriate processes to become an accredited school like other successful accredited schools in other countries using democratic education principles and practices.

Resolution in support of Democratic Education Consortium

The 14th Annual International Democratic Education Conference (IDEC) July 2006 endorses the Democratic Education Consortium (DEC)

Formed during the summer of 2004 in Indianapolis, the DEC is an independent group of over 35 persons that includes students, educators, activists, and community leaders from 5 states and 3 countries who attend meetings and participate via the internet.

The DEC is dedicated to promoting and advocating for democratic practices in education and has three goals:

  1. A real shift to shared governance that empowers faculty and students in meaningful decision-making in policy, curriculum and instruction.
  2. The creation and continuation of a public forum for issues around classrooms, schools communities and the world.
  3. Schools embrace practices that develop and encourage civic engagement for a robust and lively democracy.

Democratic schools hold the best promise for a democratic society. And, indeed, democratic schools hold the best hope for continued support for public education a cornerstone of American democracy.

Those attending IDEC2006 held in Sydney Australia give international recognition and support for the goals and efforts of the Democratic Education Consortium.